Protein & Greens – Vanilla


A convenient, vegan blend combining 20 grams of full-spectrum plant protein with a premium green foods blend in a delicious vanilla shake.

Protein & Greens, combines our well-established expertise in plant-based proteins with a healthy portion of green foods for that can be used as a breakfast drink, meal replacement or snack for anyone trying to live a plant-based, healthy diet, trying to avoid meal skipping or are trying to get healthy greens into their daily regimen. Protein & Greens is a great option to satisfy all of these needs.




  • Amino acids from protein provide the very structure of DNA and therefore play a critical role in the development, growth, and health of all anatomical structures of all forms of life.
  • Great option for those who know the benefits of starting their day with a plant-based, low-glycemic, high protein smoothie.
  • Additional serving of fruit and veggies for the 90.7% of us who fall short of recommended intake.
  • Meal replacement or snack option for those who skip meals, eat on-the-go or are on a specific fitness or weight management plan.


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