Certified Organic Whole Food Iron Chelate


Our iron chelate is blended in a base of food cofactors, making it more highly absorbable and easier on the stomach.

Iron is a trace mineral that has several important functions in the body. The major functions of iron are oxygen transport as part of the hemoglobin molecule of the red blood cell, and the myoglobin molecule in muscle tissue. Iron also serves as a major cofactor for the energy-producing reactions in the body. Amino Acid Chelated (AAC) iron has been shown to be more effective at raising blood levels of iron and hemoglobin than non-chelated forms.† Our Organic Whole Food Iron Chelate provides 18mg of amino acid chelate per tablet. This form will not cause some of the typical side effects associated with non-chelated iron, such as constipation and nausea.




  • Iron supplementation has been shown to help support individuals by increasing iron levels.†
  • Iron helps support energy production and oxygen transport in the body.†
  • Iron plays a role in hundreds of enzymatic reactions including those involving neurotransmitter synthesis, energy production, collagen synthesis, antioxidant support, and nitric oxide synthesis.†
  • Chelated forms of iron have been shown in studies to be better absorbed and lead to higher blood and tissue iron levels without some of the common GI-associated side effects.


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